Re-envision your WFH experience
My journey to success:

After climbing my way up in the advertising sales arena for many years, I decided I had enough and was ready to move on. Enter 2001, when I bought an existing business, The 25th Hour, Inc. I remember the following morning waking up and saying to my husband Marty, “Okay, I own a business, now WTF do I do?” Yup, I said that exact thing, no joking.

Right out of the gate, I knew the only way my business was going to succeed was to ensure that my paper, email, calendar, workspace, etc. were organized and operational. By using my F.O.C.U.S. Formula and other systems I created over the years, I was able to operate, grow, and now scale my business so that I can make the impact I'm committed to.

And from that point on...well, you can only imagine.

I went from offering 1:1 coaching to corporate workshops, hosted live 2-Day Transformational events, ventured into speaking for thousands of people on international stages, and authored a #1 bestselling book "Working From Home...How's That Working For You?"  

Did I make some bad decisions?  Tons of them.  Did I keep moving and swerving in the direction of my dreams despite them?  You bet!

I've used the mistakes I've made along my journey to help me figure out not only what would work for me and the way I operated, but what could work for YOU as well.. Today, I am helping thousands of people set themselves up for maximum productivity, performance, and peace of mind.  (And BTW, that 'peace of mind' thing is way more important than you think)!

I know exactly what it takes to create and maintain a work environment designed to bring you more joy, increased performance, and job satisfaction.  No more working in chaos, stress, and overwhelm.

But this was me in 2001, starting my own concierge business, basically from scratch...
I had purchased a business that left me with no signed contracts, no guarantees from any clients, and yet a world of possibilities in front of me.  

So I got serious about looking at my life to identify what worked for me in the way I work.  How I manage my email inbox, how I protect and set boundaries around my time, how I deal with existing and incoming paper, how I stick with one thing (unitask) until completion, and so many other operational areas of my life.

And then I started sharing them with others who needed this Work/Life Toolbox to alleviate the pain they had around how they functioned.  Instead of getting me to run their lives for them, I began teaching them how to live differently so they didn't need a "personal assistant."  And that's when I took off!

Before I knew it, I was speaking to various entrepreneur groups, leadership teams and corporations to rollout this toolbox.   Then one team at an organization turned into two teams, then entire organizations engaging with me and this work.  Eventually, that led to speaking on international stages, authoring 2 books and co-authoring 2 others, and now here we are, launching Work From Home...Redesigned.  A DIY program designed to bring you this exact toolbox in 6 easily-digestible modules.  So you can do it at your own pace, aligned with your own schedule, with all the support materials included.


Where are you in your journey? Are you merely tolerating the way you work and operate in your business, and in your life? Because after all, "how you do anything is how you do everything." Very few folks are organized in one aspect of their life and not the others. And I get it. A ton of reasons, right? Not enough time, not enough space, too many distractions, kids and pets, meals to cook, shopping to do, and on and on and on...

Here's the deal...if we let the excuses run our lives...
It's about MAKING THE DECISION to not let anything get in the way of you transforming how you work and live.  Once you are on the other side of this, the benefits that you will see are LIFE-CHANGING.  Wouldn't you be game for...

  • Having more time to spend doing what you love
  • Spending more time with your family
  • Spending more time on yourself
  • ​Never having to look for things
  • ​Never worrying about important stuff "falling through the cracks"
  • ​Securing a reputation of honoring your word
  • ​Having the time to do what you say you're going to do
  • ​Having full control over your email inbox
  • ​Eliminating every pile once and for all
  • ​Getting to completion on every project on your plate
  • ​No more procrastinating - getting right to it all the time
  • ​Having a morning routine that sets you up for success every day
  • ​No more overloaded, unrealistic daily schedules
  • ​A better relationship with your partner/spouse/kids
  • ​Setting the example your kids need and want from you about how to live
  • ​Having confidence to do your best work
  • ​Making more money
  • ​Advancing in your career

This list could go on forever. You know that. But it's YOUR REWARD, what you want on the other side of this work that matters. I have all of those above, all the time. But I want them bad enough, and get to experience what my life looks like by having them.

Now is your time.  

You've spent years working amongst clutter, fighting the losing battle of chaos, and feeling more defeat than success at the end of each day.  Aren't you ready to work more joy, less stress and a sense of accomplishment?
"Wendy has literally changed my life and how I view each day and week. Learning her strategies for business and life in general is a game changer. I never thought about it so simply, and yet it is that simple. Follow the system and there is no more room for procrastination and more room for stress-free results. I know I needed you Wendy, but I didn’t realize how much. Feeling organized and efficient never felt so good. Thank you!"

-Kay Miles, Cityscape

I have wanted to take Wendy’s Work From Home course for many years. I wish I took it earlier but at least I finally pulled the trigger and jumped in for two days. I truly believe her course is life changing, because she is giving me my time back. There is nothing more valuable than our TIME! Wendy didn’t just teach – she had us DOING things and taking steps to implement an amazing system, so we felt immediate accomplishment. On top of all that, she made it fun! Thank you, Wendy!!”

-Sandra Long, Post Road Consulting
Does this sound like you??
#1:  Your work space greets you with CHAOS when you enter it!
Sticky notes, food wrappers, coffee cups, piles of stuff you're working on.

How can you concentrate when there's a ton of distraction staring you in the face?  Don't you just want to run the other way and find a fresh space to work from?  How about making THS SPACE the fresh space to work from?  Clean up the trash, consolidate the sticky notes, get those piles of paper into files, and let's get working.  It's totally doable, and a game-changer when you do it.

"I'm so excited that Wendy's simple, DIY course is finally available - I've needed it for years and now I'm ready!"

-Susan S.
“For this price, even if I get one major tool out of it that changes my life, it was worth it.  And you get so much more...absolutely priceless."

-  Tiondra
#2:  Your email inbox feels like a fire hose coming at you at warp speed every minute
Holy Mother of God! No way, how can that many new emails be waiting for me EVERY SINGLE DAY? And the better question many of them actually need my attention? 

When you have a system for navigating your email, you no longer associate it with stress and defeat.  You get in there, process them as they come in, and then tackle them one by one as you need to.  
“I never thought I'd get control of my email inbox, much less keep it that way.  Wendy's the master at this!"

-  Krista P.
I got my emails down from 13,000 in less than a week.  If you would have told me that could happen, I'd say "no way, you're crazy!"

-  Jennifer J.
Enrolling in my WFH...Redesigned Course will help you reimagine how you manage your mindset, physical space, and time, so that you can create an environment that maximizes productivity, efficiency, focus, and high performance.
A program to help you function in your work environment in the best way possible.  Less stress.  More work done.  No more chaos.  Streamlined systems.  Increased joy.
  • Create a vision for what you want your work and life to look and feel like on the other side of this course.
  • Create a personal morning routine that works for you
  • Set up a system for getting control of your paper - no more piles!
  • Set up a system for processing your emails as the arrive
  • Set your calendar up for realistic productivity
  • Get focused every day on what matters most
Here's what you'll learn:
  • Organizing Your Materials
  • ​Blue Print
  • ​Rules For Engagement
  • ​Short Assessment
  • ​Vision Statement/What’s In It For You?
Wendy’s program is exactly what I needed. I read her book on a short flight to Florida. Then after finishing the book, I realized taking her DIY class what the answer to keeping me in action.

I highly recommend Wendy to anyone of you who has more than a few things to organize. Having the program to constantly revisit has been a life-saver. Her strategies are easy to implement, and simple to integrate into your daily life. Once they become habits, you're set for life.

- Tina Williams McKeon, Kilpatrick Townsend
  • Who Are You?
  • ​Core Values
  • Declutter Your Life
"Wendy’s WFH Course is the real deal. She’s the real deal. I’ve been circling in Wendy’s orbit for a few years since hearing her speak on stage. And all along I knew I needed this help, but either wasn’t ready, or was in denial that I actually need it. Then I take her class, and realize that EVERYONE NEEDS IT! Because our overloaded email inbox is not going to go away, and our piles of paper aren’t going to go away, and our multi-tasking nature isn’t going to go away unless we do something about it. Wendy shares simple systems for setting all of this up, and then we get to implement them ourselves in the class. That’s what makes this different from so many other workshops. Wendy’s dead-on, insightful, straight forward delivery makes it fun, entertaining, and completely doable. A game-changer for me and my business.

- ShirleyAnn R, Prudential
  • Getting Control of Your Daily Workload
  • ​Command Central System For Paper
  • Inbox to Zero
  • ​Desktop Organizing
  • ​Smartphone Organizing
"I became inspired and determined after your recent presentation to Easter Seals North Georgia, on easy ways to organize. If you recall, I had 32,000 emails in my inbox. I was determined to "clean it out". However, we use google gmail and it is not as easy to maneuver as outlook. But, I established a plan. Each morning and each evening I set aside time to go through the inbox and deal with the mail. I am happy to tell you that I did it! My inbox is now empty!! Thanks!"

- Donna D, President/CEO, Easter Seals North Georgia, Inc.
  •  Scheduling Your Day/Week for Maximum Productivity
  • ​3 Block Times
  • ​Time Activity Log
  • ​WRAP UP
Each Module includes:
  • Video training no longer than 30 minutes
  •   Workbook to download and print or save electronically
  •   FAQ's
  •  Milestone Checklist
"Wendy leads and instructs in a completely positive fashion. I am 50 years old and habits are hard to break... However, when you become organized in your work space (and home space); you feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom like no other. Your productivity soars and you just generally feel better about your “space” that you work and live in. Numbers don’t lie. My amounts billed this year vs. last year increased by $77,000 and my collections increased by $60,000. I would say, just based on the numbers, our entire office, through my direction and leadership (via Wendy’s training) was, and remains successful."

- Bethany S, Bowline CPA Inc.

Get the following when you enroll today...
FREE Download of my #1 Best-Selling Book
"Working From Home...
How's That Working For You?"
Use this as a follow-up manual to the course itself.  It's like taking me home with you!
Private Facebook Group for Community
Do you know what one of the most critical elements of a course like this is?  Accountability.  That's right...having someone to hold you accountable for doing what you say you'll do is key to your success.  Join the FB group and find someone(s) to be your partner on this journey.  It's a win/win for both of you!
If you want to be in control of your business, then take control of the way it operates. No more winging it. No more leaving up to chance. No more excuses.  
Hi! I'm Wendy Ellin... 

Since 2001, I've helped tons of people eliminate tons of crap (both mental and physical crap) by cleaning up their mess, setting up their space and ROCKING their productivity in their work and their lives.

I figured out early on that if what I was doing worked for me, then it certainly could work for others. Not that I ever want to put a square peg in a round hole.  But if the way you're working ISN'T WORKING, why not try something different?  Something that's easy, attainable, maintainable, and life-changing.

I'm committed to helping people like you create the business and life you want so that you have more time, more freedom, more money and more peace of mind.  

Are you ready to steer your life in a direction of productivity, performance, and peace of mind?
“I just have to say your strategies are AMAZING!!!! I'm going to start setting up my command center for paper, and then going to do it electronically.

There are so many people I want to tell about your work! Everyone needs this help."

- Cathy I, CEO, Iconis
"I have been in private practice for over 20 years. In recent years I had the privilege of hearing Wendy Ellin, not just speak but change lives. Her content is engaging and it works! I bought her book, read it on a plane ride, and with the information I received in her session, immediately implemented it in my office!!
Wendy's work has increased our productivity and eliminated OUR STRESS!!!"

- Angie Shay F, The Fritter Group
What if I don't fully work at home?
#WFHRedesigned can be extremely useful for anyone, no matter where they work.  And while this COVID thing left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, it's been a huge silver lining for a lot of the world, including me.  Sometimes you just have to look harder to find them.  But I have to believe that if you don't have systems, you don't have systems - COVID or not!  

Here's what we cover in WORK FROM HOME...REDESIGNED that will help you specifically:
  •  Professional/Personal Vision Statement:  This is where you dream a litte.  Ok, actually, a lot.  What do you want your work and your life to look and feel like on the other side of this course.  What are your days like?  How are you moving through your days?  Week?  What is the feeling at the end of each day?  How are you spending your time?  You're going to write it in the present tense as if it's already happened.  You can't get somewhere if you don't know where "there" is.  So let's start envisioning it RIGHT NOW.
  • Create the perfect morning routine for you:  I'll walk you through my personal morning routine so that you can see how easy and quick it can be if you need it to be.  But it's mine, and you get to create one that works for you.  One that you'll stick with every day and that will set you up for success.
  • Process for Decluttering any space in your life:  You'll learn an easy 3-step system for clearning out the clutter in every space, and then a process for what to do with the keepers.  This is a hugely important first step in transforming the way you work, no matter where it is.
  • Turning your Piles into Files:  You'll learn how to create a system for all your paper, so there are no longer piles, and there will no longer be piles!
  • ​Turn that email inbox into the loading dock it was meant to be: Yup, you're going to finally learn what the inbox actually is, and how to manage it. I'll say no more.  Just trust me on this.  :) 
  • Protect your time - after all, it's yours!  This is where we address our daily/weekly schedule and how we need to get more reasonable about our time and how we share it with others.  

What if I want more of Wendy's magic after taking this course?
Then you'll get it.  Just reach out at and someone on her team will contact you to see what your needs are.  No worries, we got you.  All the way through this program, and beyond.
Ready to join me in #WFHRedesigned?
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